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Similans Liveaboard Manta Queen 2

Diving Richelieu Rock, Koh Bon and Koh Tachai only, Similans liveaboard Manta Queen 2 offers one of the most exciting Similan scuba diving itineraries from any liveaboard!

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Koh Bon, Tachai, Richelieu Rock


Three days & three nights


Prices from 17,600 THB 14,600 THB per person


Manta Queen special offer available!

Manta Queen 2 Similans Liveaboard

Three-night Similans liveaboard Manta Queen 2 offers scuba divers the opportunity to enjoy Similan Islands scuba diving at a budget friendly price. Accommodation on Manta Queen 2 consists of double bed, twin bed or four bed cabins which all use shared bathroom. Of course, all cabins are fully air-conditioned. Manta Queen Similan liveaboards are ideal for guests who don’t demand five star fittings and fixtures wishing to dive the Similans at the best price possible.

Richelieu Rock north of the Similan Islands is probably the dive site that all Similan liveaboard divers look forward to the most. There are several reasons why this is so but to illustrate, Richelieu Rock is home to some species of marine life that are found nowhere else in the world. Additionally, whale sharks gravitate to this dive site and sometimes spend days passing by utilizing it as a restful cleaning station en-route to its mysterious journey to an unknown destination. Furthermore, guests will also scuba dive at Koh Tachai and Koh Bon, two other dive sites which provide excellent chances of encounters with whale sharks and giant manta rays.

Similans liveaboard Manta Queen 2

If required, return transfers from Phuket on departure and arrival days are available at a small cost of 300 Thai Baht per person each way. Transfers run to a set timetable from different areas in Phuket from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm. Importantly, we advise booking early for Manta Queen liveaboards as they can often be fully booked in advance due to their low prices.

Manta Queen 2 Thailand Liveaboard


Transfers from Phuket: In regards to transfer pick-up times in Phuket on trip departure days, may we ask guests to please be patient as there is usually road construction in different areas of Phuket which can sometimes cause delays. For airport pick-ups, guests should make their way to the designated meeting area outside the arrivals terminal and keep an eye out for the Manta Queen driver holding an A4 “Khao Lak Scuba Adventures” sign. Transfers from Phuket run from 11:00 am to 3:30 pm on departure day. The boat departs from a pier near Khao Lak just north of Phuket. Guests will sleep on the boat for three nights and have a total of eleven dives at Koh Bon, Koh Tachai and Richelieu Rock. The boat returns to the pier on arrival day at around 5:00 pm and guests are transferred back to their Phuket or Khao Lak hotels. Phuket transfers are charged at 300 THB per person each way, while Khao Lak transfers are free of charge.


Proof of Diving Certification: Upon arrival at Manta Queen office on departure day, guests must show proof of their scuba diving certification with either their certification card, an online dive check, or another satisfactory way. If no dive certification can be proven, a guest may have to join as a snorkeler.


Equipment Rental: We can supply a full set of rental dive equipment for 400 THB per day. If someone only needs a set or regs, or a BCD, we charge 200 THB per item. If someone is renting a BCD or reg from us, we throw in the mask, fins and wetsuit for free if required. 


Dive Computers: All divers must have a dive computer for safety. If guests don’t have their own dive computer, they are available to rent on departure from Manta Queen for 250 THB per day.


Scuba Diving Insurance: Personal scuba diving accident and evacuation insurance coverage is mandatory. If Scuba diving accident coverage is included in guests own travel insurance, they must show specific details in the policy confirming it’s covered. A policy card or number is not enough. If guests can’t show specific coverage in scuba diving insurance, guests must purchase diving insurance coverage from Manta Queen before departure, at 250 THB per day plus 7% VAT. We recommend Divers Alert Network (D.A.N.), a non-profit scuba diving organization which offers various levels of scuba diving insurance for both recreational divers as well as professional divers. We also suggest guests have trip cancelation coverage included with their travel insurance. Although rare during the liveaboard season, weather and sea conditions can at times be unpredictable and trips may need be postponed, adjusted or cancelled. Ourselves, nor Manta Queen cannot be held responsible with last minute trip changes or cancelations due to weather conditions.


Prices Include: Standard 12 litre tanks, weights, dives, dive guides at a max ration of 4 guests to 1 dive guide, torch for night dives, towel, all meals on board, tea, coffee, water, snacks.


Prices Exclude: Similan Marine Park fees, dive equipment, dive computers, transfers from Phuket are available at 300 THB per person each way if required. Dive insurance, soft drinks & alcohol.


Similan Marine Park fees: Guests need to pay their own Similan Marine Park fees in cash on departure. Currently, the fees for three night trips are 1,600 THB per person, four night trips are 1,800 THB per person and five night trips are 2,000 THB per person.


Optional Extras: Can be organized at time of booking, or when checking in for a trip.

  • 15 Liter Tanks cost 150 THB per dive (limited number of 15L tanks available).
  • Nitrox Course on board including eight tanks is 7,500 THB (additional nitrox tanks cost 150 THB each).
  • Nitrox Packs: Three-day pack with 11 tanks is 1,650 THB, four-day pack with 15 tanks is 2,250 THB, five-day pack with 19 tanks is 2,850 THB.
  • Wrist Computer is 250 THB per day.
  • Deep Adventure Dive is 1,500 THB (Allows open water certified divers to dive to 30m instead of 18m).
  • PADI advanced course available on all trips for 8,500 THB and includes dive computer rental for entire trip (Plus 7% VAT).

 All Manta Queen prices apart from the Similan Marine Park fees are subject to +7% VAT!

Map Similan Islands dive sites

Similan Dive Sites Map

Manta Queen 2 Schedule

Flying after diving

Flying After Diving Guidelines

Map of Similan Islands dive sites

Similan Dive Sites Map

Flying after diving

Flying After Diving Guidelines

3,000 THB Discount Off All Trips in October, November, December, April & May!

Manta Queen 2 Similans Liveaboard Prices

  • Three Days & Three Nights ∗ 11 Dives
  • Double Cabin Shared Bathroom – 20,600 THB per person
  • Twin Cabin Shared Bathroom – 20,600 THB per person
  • Quad Cabin Shared Bathroom – 17,600 THB per person
  • Similan Marine Park fees of 1,600 THB are payable in cash on the boat
  • All Manta Queen prices excluding marine park fees are subject to 7% VAT

3,000 THB Discount on All Manta Queen Trips in October, November, December, April & May!

Manta Queen 2 Schedule

MQ2#449Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon25-Oct-202028-Oct-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#450Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon30-Oct-202002-Nov-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#451Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon03-Nov-202006-Nov-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#452Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon07-Nov-202010-Nov-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#453Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon12-Nov-202015-Nov-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#454Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon17-Nov-202020-Nov-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#455Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon21-Nov-202024-Nov-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#456Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon25-Nov-202028-Nov-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#457Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon29-Nov-202002-Dec-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#458Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon03-Dec-202006-Dec-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#459Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon08-Dec-202011-Dec-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#460Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon12-Dec-202015-Dec-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#461Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon15-Dec-202018-Dec-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#462Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon19-Dec-202022-Dec-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#463Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon24-Dec-202027-Dec-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#464Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon28-Dec-202031-Dec-20200314,600 THB
MQ2#465Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon02-Jan-202105-Jan-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#466Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon06-Jan-202109-Jan-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#467Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon10-Jan-202113-Jan-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#468Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon14-Jan-202117-Jan-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#469Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon18-Jan-202121-Jan-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#470Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon22-Jan-202125-Jan-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#471Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon27-Jan-202130-Jan-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#472Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon01-Feb-202104-Feb-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#473Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon05-Feb-202108-Feb-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#474Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon09-Feb-202112-Feb-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#475Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon13-Feb-202116-Feb-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#476Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon17-Feb-202120-Feb-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#477Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon21-Feb-202124-Feb-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#478Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon25-Feb-202128-Feb-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#479Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon02-Mar-202105-Mar-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#480Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon06-Mar-202109-Mar-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#481Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon11-Mar-202114-Mar-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#482Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon15-Mar-202118-Mar-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#483Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon19-Mar-202122-Mar-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#484Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon23-Mar-202126-Mar-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#485Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon27-Mar-202130-Mar-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#486Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon31-Mar-202103-Apr-20210315,600 THB
MQ2#487Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon04-Apr-202107-Apr-20210317,600 THB
MQ2#488Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon08-Apr-202111-Apr-20210314,600 THB
MQ2#489Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon12-Apr-202115-Apr-20210314,600 THB
MQ2#490Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon16-Apr-202119-Apr-20210314,600 THB
MQ2#491Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon20-Apr-202123-Apr-20210314,600 THB
MQ2#492Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon24-Apr-202127-Apr-20210314,600 THB
MQ2#493Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon28-Apr-202101-May-20210314,600 THB
MQ2#494Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon02-May-202105-May-20210314,600 THB
MQ2#495Richelieu, Tachai, Koh Bon08-May-202111-May-20210314,600 THB

Similan Liveaboard Choices

Ultimately, the scuba diving in the Similan Islands is fantastic regardless of which Similans liveaboard guests dive from. However, the different liveaboard options below cater to different tastes and budgets expected from guests. Please don't hesitate to ask us if you have any questions!

Deep Andaman Queen luxury Similans and Myanmar liveaboard

Deep Andaman Queen

  • Premium Class
  • Similans, Richelieu, Burma
  • 4 to 7 nights
Hallelujah Similan Islands liveaboard business class


  • Premium Class
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 nights
Pawara Similan Islands liveaboard first class


  • Premium Class
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 nights
Sawasdee Fasai Similan Islands luxury liveaboard

Sawasdee Fasai

  • Premium Class
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 nights
Premium Similan Islands liveaboard The Junk

The Junk

  • Premium Class
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 to 6 nights
DiveRACE Similan Islands liveaboard


  • Premium Class
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 nights
Manta Queen 1 budget Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 1

  • Budget class
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 nights
Manta Queen 2 budget Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 2

  • Budget class
  • Richelieu, Bon, Tachai
  • 3 nights
Manta Queen 2 budget Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 3

  • Budget class +
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 nights
Manta Queen 5 budget Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 5

  • Budget class
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 nights
Manta Queen 6 budget Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 6

  • Budget class
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 nights
Manta Queen 7 budget Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 7

  • Budget class
  • Similans, Surins, Richelieu
  • 5 nights
Manta Queen 8 Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 8

  • Budget class +
  • Similans, Surins, Richelieu
  • Five nights
Giamani Similan Islands liveaboard


  • Premium class +
  • Similans, Richelieu, Hin Daeng
  • 2 to 6 nights
Dolphin Queen Similan Islands liveaboard

Dolphin Queen

  • Budget class
  • Similans, Burma
  • 4 to 6 nights
Similan Explorer Similan Islands liveaboard

Similan Explorer

  • Budget class
  • Similans, Surins, Richelieu
  • 3 to 5 nights
Phi Phi Islands diving day trips

Day Trips

  • Choice of destinations
  • Three dives
  • Small group sizes
Phuket dive courses

Phuket Dive Courses

  • Learn to dive in Phuket
  • Friendly & patient staff
  • Competitive prices
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