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Budget Similan Liveaboards

Budget Similan liveaboards have cheaper prices and offer excellent value for money. Cabin furnishings may not be luxurious but, Similan Islands scuba diving is world class from all Similan liveaboards we offer.

Choosing Budget Similan Liveaboards

Budget Similan liveaboards are ideal for guests looking to experience some Similan Islands scuba diving without breaking the bank. These trips offer exceptional value for money and the word ‘budget’ really only relates to the price range, rather than quality. In fact, many budget Similan liveaboards offer similar standards to some of the more expensive Similan liveaboard options. Often, they have a range of cabins to choose from including cabins with private bathrooms, as well as twin share or quad share cabins with shared bathrooms. Regardless, whether guests are diving the Similan Islands from a budget Similans liveaboard, or a premium Similans liveaboard, the scuba diving they’ll experience in the Similan Islands will be the same world class standard.

Unsure Which Similans Liveaboard to Choose?

Confused or unsure which liveaboard would suit you best out of budget Similan liveaboards or premium liveaboards? If the answer is yes, then please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice, or to ask us any questions you may have. In the meantime, think of it like this…

If you’re happy to fly on low cost budget airlines, for example Air Asia, EasyJet and JetBlue, you’ll be fine with a budget Similans liveaboard choice. However, if you’d rather pay a little more to fly on full service carriers for example Bangkok Airways, Singapore Airlines and Delta Airlines, especially if you fly premium class, then consider choosing a premium Similans liveaboard.

Remember though, as passengers of both low cost and full service airlines ultimately arrive at the same destination, guests diving from both budget and premium liveaboards, dive at the same Similan Islands dive sites.

Budget Similans and Thailand Liveaboards

Manta Queen 1 budget Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 1

  • Budget class
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 nights
Manta Queen 2 budget Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 2

  • Budget class
  • Richelieu, Bon, Tachai
  • 3 nights
Manta Queen 2 budget Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 3

  • Budget class +
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 nights
Manta Queen 5 budget Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 5

  • Budget class
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 nights
Manta Queen 6 budget Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 6

  • Budget class
  • Similans, Richelieu
  • 4 nights
Manta Queen 7 budget Similan Islands liveaboard

Manta Queen 7

  • Budget class
  • Similans, Surins, Richelieu
  • 5 nights
Manta Queen 8 budget Similans liveaboard

Manta Queen 8

  • Mid-range
  • Similans, Surins, Richelieu
  • Five nights
Budget Similans liveaboard Dolphin Queen

Dolphin Queen

  • Budget-range
  • Similans, Burma
  • 4 to 6 nights
Budget Similan liveaboard diving

Similan Explorer

  • Budget-range
  • Similans, Surins, Richelieu
  • 3 to 5 nights
Premium Similan liveaboards

Premium Liveaboards

  • Spacious & Luxurious
  • Similans, Surins, Burma
  • 4 to 8 nights
Diving courses Phuket

Phuket Dive Courses

  • Learn to dive in Phuket
  • Friendly & patient staff
  • Competitive prices
Phuket diving day trips Super Divers

Diving Day Trips

  • For certified divers
  • Three dives
  • Trips daily all year round

Similan and Thailand Diving Liveaboards

While the Phuket diving season lasts all year, due to the remoteness of the Similan Islands, the Similans liveaboard season runs from the middle of October through to early May. For two reasons, the Similan Islands are closed to all tourism outside this time. Firstly, to allow the Similan Islands eco sysyem to have some time each year to recover from any effects from tourism. Secondly, because the monsoon season starts in June and runs until October, it could be unsafe for small dive boats if they were caught in a squall far from the mainland of Thailand.

Map of Phuket scuba diving sites

Phuket Dive Sites Map

Click maps to

Map of Similan Islands scuba diving sites

Similans Dive Sites Map

We Believe Service Matters!

We provide excellent customer service with honest, reliable, and up-to-date advice. If a Similans liveaboard doesn’t meet our high standards, we won’t recommend them to our guests!

Moreover, we guarantee that the prices we publish are competitive, with no last minute hidden extras. It’s very unlikely, but if you find a similans liveaboard price cheaper elsewhere, let us know, and we’ll see what we can do. Above all, we care more about customer service than we do about profits and we take pride in always going the extra mile. As a result, our guests come back to us again and again.

Focused on our guests, not on our competition!

We don’t just meet expectations, we exceed them!

We’re not perfect, but we fix things if they go wrong!

Our customer service comes before profits!

Unrivalled 100% safety record since opening in 2010!

Low priced budget Similan liveaboards
Budget liveaboards Manta Queen
Budget Similan liveaboards

Amazing experience with Super Divers

I always do a lot of research when picking activities when it comes to holidays, and choosing a dive school was no different. After days of reading reviews, I chose Supers Divers to do my PADI open water course and I have absolutely no regrets.... more.

Customer Service

Specifically, customer satisfaction is our top priority, so we give you inclusive prices, no hidden extras and zero credit card surcharges!


We employ only experienced and enthusiastic PADI instructors. In addition, our management and front office team are efficient and helpful.


Only the highest standards are acceptable to us. Therefore, our dive equipment, quality of our staff and the boats we use are of the highest order.

Diving Day Trips & PADI Courses in Phuket

In addition to Similan liveaboards, we also have a full selection of PADI dive courses and diving day trips for certified divers.

Phuket scuba diving day trips

Diving Day Trips

  • For certified divers
  • Three dives
  • Trips daily all year round
PADI scuba diving courses Phuket

PADI Dive Courses

  • No experience needed
  • Open to anyone aged 10+
  • Exciting & fun activity
Try scuba diving for a day in Phuket

Try Diving for a Day

  • No experience required
  • Great for non-swimmers
  • Three dives in one day!

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