Shark Point

Shark Point Phuket

The name was given to this dive site because of the frequent sightings of leopard sharks. There are 3 main pinnacles to shark point, pinnacle number one is the largest and juts out of the sea with a small lighthouse – this is the only one that is visible from the surface. Pinnacle 2 starts around 5 metres under water in a north-south direction and pinnacle 3’s tip is at around 15 metres again in an almost north-south direction from pinnacle 1 & 2. There is a wide diversity of corals and fish at Shark point, from scorpion fish, puffer fish, snappers, groupers, yellow spotted boxfish, barracuda and many juvenile species. Leopard sharks do frequent the site on occasion so keep your eyes peeled whilst you are diving! Whaleshark has also been spotted here over the years.

Visibility: 10-25 metres
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Current: Moderate to strong

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