Anemone Reef

Anemone Reek Phuket

This dive site is located approximately one and a half hours boat ride from Chalong pier, Phuket. Anemone reef is a pinnacle submerged below the sea starting about 5m sloping down to around 25m. It is carpeted with beautiful corals, sea anemone as you would expect, and an abundance of marine life.

This site is a favourite for clownfish and anemone fish, snappers, groupers, oriental sweetlips, juvenile harlequin sweetlips and scorpion fish. You can often see yellowtail barracuda circling the pinnacle too. Smaller marine life such as Tigertail seahorse, and Ghostpipe fish live among the beautiful, colourful corals along with even smaller critters such as the durban dancing shrimp.

Visibility: 8-20 metres
Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate
Current: Mild to moderate

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