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The beautiful Andaman Sea offers some of the best dive sites Phuket has to offer.  With it’s crystal clear water and strikingly stunning colours, you will have the opportunity to dive with some incredible marine life living beneath the surface.  The main dive sites we dive at for our diving day trips and courses are detailed below:

Racha Noi & Yai

The two Racha islands Yai (meaning big) and Noi (meaning small) are situated around one and half hours from Phuket Island.  The visibility can reach up to 40 metres during monsoon season which runs from June – October.  The majority of the dive sites around the Islands are sheltered so there is very little current – ideal for beginners, novices and those who want a relaxed dive.  The underwater world here is made up of hard colourful coral and fine sand. Whilst you can find beautiful nudibranch and smaller marine life, common sighting of Moray, Lionfish, Stingrays, Stonefish, Turtles, Batfish and Barracuda are reported.


Racha Noi is the only dive site close to Phuket where if the conditions are favourable, it’s possible to see Giant Manta Rays.

Visibility: 20-40 metres
Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced
Current: Mild to moderate

Phi Phi

phi-phiKoh Phi Phi offers divers the chance to see a huge variety of marine life.  At certain dive sites around Phi Phi Islands you may find Blacktip Reef Sharks, Leopard Sharks, Turtles, Moray Eels, Clownfish, Barracuda, Groupers, Sea Snakes, Squid, Stingrays and all the common reef inhabitants.   We dive at Koh Phi Phi all year round from Phuket – this trip is very popular due to the fame it attracted when the ‘The Beach’ starring Leonardo De Caprio was filmed at Maya Bay.  With it’s stunning azure blue water, mammoth limestone formations and silky sand beaches it is one of the most beautiful places to visit.


Visibility: 10-35 metres
Difficulty: Beginner to Advanced
Current: Mild to moderate

King Cruiser Wreck

King Cruiser was a car ferry that sank in 1991 whilst crossing from Phuket to Phi Phi.  All of its’ passengers and crew were rescued by local fishing boats during the few hours it took for the boat to sink.  It is now one of the most dived wrecks in Phuket and when you come down the mooring line you are overwhelmed with the amount of life that lives on and around her.

The King Cruiser Wreck is suitable for experienced divers, or divers taking their PADI Advanced course. The top of King Cruiser Wreck sits at around 17m,  the dive is best started at around 26m. 


A deep dive and sometimes susceptible to currents, the King Cruiser can be a strenuous dive, so both air consumption and no decompression limits need to be monitored carefully. Although the old car ferry is barely recognisable after so long underwater, she is teeming with marine life making the trip very worthwhile.  Shoals of snapper move as one, blocking out sunlight as they pass by overhead, Barracuda hunt mercilessly and Trevally scream past the wreck in small platoons looking for victims.  The wreck is a haven for venomous Scorpionfish, so a keen eye and good buoyancy is of paramount importance during this dive.

Visibility: Varies from hour to hour, 8 – 25 metres
Difficulty: Advanced
Current: Moderate to strong

Shark Point

Shark-1-PointThe name was given to this dive site because of the frequent sightings of leopard sharks.  There are 3 main pinnacles to shark point, pinnacle number one is the largest and juts out of the sea with a small lighthouse – this is the only one that is visible from the surface.  Pinnacle 2 starts around 5 metres under water in a north-south direction and pinnacle 3’s tip is at around 15 metres again in an almost north-south direction from pinnacle 1 & 2.   There is a wide diversity of corals and fish at Shark point, from scorpion fish, puffer fish, snappers, groupers, yellow spotted boxfish, barracuda and many juvenile species. 


Leopard sharks do frequent the site on occasion so keep your eyes peeled whilst you are diving!  Whaleshark has also been spotted here over the years.

Visibility: 10-25 metres
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Current: Moderate to strong

Anemone Reef

Anemone1ReefThis dive site is located approximately one and a half hours boat ride from Chalong pier, Phuket.  Anemone reef is a pinnacle submerged below the sea starting about 5m sloping down to around 25m.  It is carpeted with beautiful corals, sea anemone as you would expect, and an abundance of marine life. This site is a favourite for clownfish and anemone fish, snappers, groupers, oriental sweetlips, juvenile harlequin sweetlips and scorpion fish.  You can often see yellowtail barracuda circling the pinnacle too.  Smaller marine life such as Tigertail seahorse, and Ghostpipe fish live among the beautiful, colourful corals along with even smaller critters such as the durban dancing shrimp.

Visibility: 8-20 metres
Difficulty: Beginner to intermediate
Current: Mild to moderate

Koh Doc Mai

Koh-Doc-MaiThe name literally means ‘flower Island’ and is situated around one hour from Chalong pier.  It is a single limestone formation, teeming with critters and beautiful corals.  Often seen here are Ghostpipe fish, Seahorse and a huge variety of nudibranch.  It’s a favourite for macro lovers.  This is a wall dive with caverns, crevices and hard corals extending out along the underwater limestone.

Visibility: 5-20 metres
Difficulty: Intermediate to Advanced
Currrent: Moderate to Strong


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